About Us


´African Arts Gallery´ is the only user-driven website and app that guides you through the best of 20th-Century Contemporary Art from the African Continent, its Diaspora and Afro-descendant regions of the world. We aim to lend a voice and platform to Artists (anonymous, emerging and established), Galleries, Collectors and/or Art Enthusiasts within the global market, promoting Contemporary African Arts at lower prices. 

To upload any artwork is absolutely FREE.

Meet Our Ambassadors:

Nilton Viana

Co-Founder & CEO

Viana is a seasoned veteran of the startup world and has 10+ years working as a full stack coder & founder. He is a global consultant and arts and culture enthusiast.

Dominick Maia Tanner

Co-Founder & COO

Dominick is the director of a Luanda-based contemporary art space and gallery. He is an art residence producer, and African, African diaspora and Afro-descendant art collector.