Margarida Celestino Balanga or Yola Balanga (1994), is a Visual Artist. Lives and works in Luanda, Angola. Yola began her contact with the arts in theater and fashion, and later graduated in ´Visual and Plastic Arts´ at ISART-Instituto Superior de Artes, Kilamba Kiaxi, Angola. Despite a very short career, Yola has already developed several very strong presentations of her performative work in Luanda (2018, 2019 and 2020) and Madrid (2020) to wide critical acclaim. Yola uses her art as an element of transcendence. As she herself states: “I don’t want to produce silent Art, cold art that says nothing. I want to be the translation of my body’s transcendence, transgressing limitations and impositions on that same timeless body that always has something to say and I, I have a lot to say”.